Nuclear Medicine/PET Machine

Whether SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET, or PET/CT the experienced APEX medical physics team is ready to assist you in any and all ACR or IAC Nuclear/PET accreditation needs in addition to JCA or any other accrediting body.

Quarterly Audits
On a quarterly basis, an APEX team member will visit your site for a full review of your nuclear medicine program including quality assurance of your imaging and other ancillary hot lab equipment and provide staff training that satisfies regulatory requirements. Our reports are delivered in a clear and concise manner in a time sensitive fashion to ensure you are up to date on the status of your nuclear medicine program.

RAM License
APEX Medical physics is pleased to offer radioactive materials license support in whatever capacity you may need. We have years of experience in preparing license applications, renewals, and amendments for our clients in a variety of states and clinical settings

Acceptance Testing
Accreditation Assistance - ACR, IAC
Annual / Periodic Testing
Quarterly Audits
RAM Licensing
DOT training and radiation safety in-services
New program startup