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A radiologist is a doctor who interprets medical imaging, such as X-rays. Learn more about what they do and the education that they receive here.
Task Group No. 345 - Medical Device Considerations for MR Safety Experts
Ad Hoc Committee on External Communications and Social Media
The main purpose of this internship is to support the work of the Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section while gaining practical work experience in the field of web-based development, outreach...
Early Career Investigator in Imaging Travel Award: Participate in the Medical Imaging Technology Showcase (MedTech 11) and become a member of the 2020 Academy Council of Early Career Investigators in...
#AAPMSS Scholarship Application Now Available
Category: General Medical Physics: Professional
Ad Hoc Committee to Increase the Participation of Medical Physicists Assistants
Ad Hoc Committee to Develop Conflict-of-Interest Review and Management Policies
Ad Hoc Committee to Develop User Instructions for IEC X-ray Performance Tests