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Train Others in Implementing #TG100 : a 2-day workshop. Registration is limited, so do not delay. Once we reach full capacity, a waiting list will be created.
Individuals can go here to post comments or use the comment form to send comments to John Boone by Sept 15 for AAPM’s CT subcommittee to consider in the response on the behalf of AAPM.
The vote to amend AAPM’s governance documents has been completed. Here are the results...
Selected #AAPM2019 presentations are now available in the AAPM Virtual Library!
MPLA Progress Assessment Subcommittee
MPLA Website Subcommittee
#RSNA19 Meeting Information, RSNA/AAPM Physics Symposium, AAPM Committee and Social Programs at RSNA 2019...
An ad hoc committee appointed by the President of the AAPM is seeking applications from qualified individuals to become the next Editor of Medical Physics.
Task Group No. 341 - Medical Physics Practice Guideline #5.b
The Imaging Physics Curricula Subcommittee has updated the Diagnostic Radiology Residents Physics Curriculum. Major changes in this revision include: 1) Structure and content of modality modules were...