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Quality Plan Check Reviews: TG-275 and MPPG-11 | Category - Radiotherapy: Patient Safety. View & Take:
pp. 17-18. Authors: M. Podgorsak, @KalpanaKanal, @rapooley, @IbbottIbbott. The mission of the ABR is to 'certify that our diplomates demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skill, and understanding of...
Subspecialty Credentialing Subcommittee (SCSC) (SCSC) within Clinical Practice under Professional Council. Learn more:
Working Group on Journal-Sourced Educational Content (WGJSEC) has 1-2 position(s) open for the Role of Guest. Learn More & Apply:
Radiological Protection Subcommittee has 1-4 position(s) open for the Role of Member. Learn More & Apply:
Please join us Thursday, June 6 at 12pm ET for this webinar from the AAPM Webinar Series on Global Research and Scientific Innovation Committee: School on Research Excellence. Topics: Clinical...
Working Group on Local Engagement at AAPM Meetings (WGLEM) (WGLEM) within Meeting Coordination under Administrative Council. Learn more:
Task Group No. 430: Comprehensive quantification and dissemination of patient-mo has 3-5 position(s) open for the Role of Member. Learn More & Apply:
Evolution of the ABR Medical Physics MOC and OLA | Category - General Medical Physics: Professional. View & Take:
Health Information Security and Cybersecurity | Category - General Medical Physics: None. View & Take: