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The Special Medical Physics Consult Process for Reirradiation Patients | Category - Radiotherapy: Patient Safety. View & Take:
Treating Gynecologic Cancers with Brachytherapy | Category - Radiotherapy: Brachytherapy. View & Take:
Volume 12, Number 10, June 2024
Journal Oversight Committee Executive Committee (JOCX) (JOCX) within Board of Directors under . Learn more:
The latest RO-ILS education is a detailed exploration of where rushing and/or scheduling contributed to events being reported to the program since 2014. The new RO-ILS Themed Report contains...
The results of the 2024 AAPM election are now available. The following individuals have been elected to AAPM leadership positions, with terms beginning on January 1, 2025......
Burnout, Wellness, and Resilience in Medical Physics | Category - General Medical Physics: Professional. View & Take:
Artifacts in 2D and 3D Breast Imaging | Category - Diagnostic Radiology: Mammography. View & Take:
Commentary No. 034 - Recommendations on Statistical Approaches to Account for Dose Uncertainties in Radiation Epidemiologic Risk Models
#AAPMReports. AAPM Task Group Report 261: Comprehensive Quality Control Methodology and Management of Dental and Maxillofacial Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Systems